MultiBoost Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 維他命及礦物質配方 60ml

MultiBoost Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 維他命及礦物質配方 60ml

價錢 $159.00 熱賣


獸醫級配方-綜合維他命與礦物質 增進天然抵抗力,促進整體健康


肉鹼 –對於老犬的肌肉運作和幼犬的發育成長是不可或缺。

維生素C –提升自然免疫力,幼犬體內的維生素C非常少, 可作為營養補給。

Omega 3 & 6 –健康肌膚和亮麗毛髮的重要營養素。

維生素B群 –維持正常健康的食慾、均衡成長、食物轉化、使肌膚毛髮健康。

組成(每60ml): 葵花籽油(Omega 1,064微克), 紫錐菊(600毫克), 迷迭香

營養分析: 鈉  0.16%、粗灰分  3.1%、粗蛋白  9.4%、粗纖維  0.1%、粗脂肪  2.4%、水分  63.9%


餵食量 : 每日一次 / 5kg以下2.5ml、5-15kg 5ml、15-30kg 7.5ml、30kg以上10ml


A vitamin and mineral nutrition supplement promoting health and vitality in dogs

Multi Vitamin + Mineral with Omega 3 & 6 and Echinacea – To help maintain an active healthy dog

-Promoting good health

-Supporting the immune system

-Promoting wellbeing from illness

MultiBoost is a tasty and nutritious liquid, which can be added to your dogs daily feed. Contains:


Renowed for its benefits and the subject of many scientific studies. Naturally supporting the immune system and supports resistance to infection.


Essential for working muscles for older dogs and growth rates in young dogs. A cofactor for normal cellular metabolism.

Vitamin C

Enhances the immune system, stimulates phagocytic activity of white blood cells and formation of antibodies. New born pups produce very little vitamin C and so benefit from additional supplies.

Omega 3 & 6

Are important nutrients that your pet needs for healthy skin and a soft shiny coat.


Maintain normal healthy appetite. Promotes growth, food conversion and improves skin & coat condition.

Vitamin E

Proven antioxidant.